Friday, June 15, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday, #2

1. Happy Friday. I took the day off because it is a busy weekend. My wife and I are singing for a wedding, rather elaborate music for the choir and organ and strings. I don't think my pastor fully comprehends what he is in for. It is my understanding that most priests are not terribly fond of weddings. It'll be interesting to see how our pastor reacts to this one! I'm going to spend a good part of the day practising my tenor part.

2. Our sick chicken seems to have recovered. I don't think she is laying eggs again, but at least she seems well.

3. Father's day is on Sunday, and we're also celebrating my mother's birthday at my brother's house. I think it is the first time any of us have been in his house. My mother was born on St. Anthony's day. She needs to be "found" and brought back to the practice of the faith. And, my two youngest children have a piano recital later in the afternoon.

4. I can't stop thinking about the people in my last post. I really find their lifestyle very attractive on many levels. The sad thing is that their territory is being eaten up by other interests. But they don't worry about tomorrow, and there are few to advocate for them. Probably in the not to distant future they will be absorbed and their unusual culture lost.

5. As I was getting of the bus this afternoon, I jokingly told a friend that it was too bad that everyone else didn't agree with me: it would make for a more peaceful world. The thing is, that is what Jesus wants, that everyone should "agree" with his way of thinking, and indeed it would be a more peaceful world. The problem is, too many of us claim to agree with Him, to follow him, but we don't really, and I think that adds to the strife. It is hard to trust a Christian who doesn't practice what he says he believes.

6. My son went to bed early tonight, unusual for him. He said he was hungry and wanted bread with ketchup. My wife told him to have the rest of his chicken from supper, but he didn't want to. Late he asked if he could have more of the supper, but it had been put away, but I suggested he could finish his chicken. For some reason he didn't want to do that, so he decided to go to bed.

7. Speaking of chicken for supper, (store bought, not from our flock) my wife is a master with herbs and seasonings. She had mushrooms garnishing this chicken, and I don't know what she put in with them, but they were the tastiest mushrooms I've ever eaten. In fact, I don't think I have ever before in my life remotely praised a mushroom.

Have a great weekend!

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