Friday, June 22, 2012

7 Quick Takes, Friday #3

1. My parish started the Fortnight for Freedom last night at Mass, with a prayer we will recite each day for the intention. On the two Fridays, Mass will be followed with a Holy Hour for the intention. Something special is happening for July 4 as well.

2. It's funny, our Pastor and many others act so surprised that the government (the President) can act so contrary to the liberty, especially Religious Liberty, that our nation believes in, yet, this is just how it was in the beginning. Catholics could not hold public office or vote in some of the original colonies. I think this may even have been true even after the nation was established.

3. General Washington even had to warn his troops to avoid prejudice against Catholics.

4. So, an animus toward Catholics is nothing new in America. In fact, only with Kennedy did this animus fade enough that a Catholic could be elected president. It has often been assumed that a Catholic would not be a good citizen, when in fact, the contrary is true. A good Catholic makes the best citizen!

5. On another note, you should also go over to my wife's Blog, Branford Girl. I believe she is connecting a give-away contest with her Quick Takes!

6. Another HOT day here in New England, though nothing like the heat in Texas where Jennifer F. writes her blog. And we don't have scorpions, but we do have those ticks (oddly named Lone Star Ticks, but not because they came from Texas!) that can cause an allergy to meat. We also do have rattlesnakes, though I have never actually seen one. And I think we have poisonous spiders. It's not all roses here. But get this, I discovered that there is actually an online database for poisonous spiders state-by-state, and here is Massachusetts poisonous citizen...

7. Speaking of roses, they are blooming in our garden, and I have to say, the rose is the most lovely, in appearance and in scent, of all the flowers.

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Have a great weekend!


Cari said...

This heat wave is brutal, isn't it? Though we finally got a thunderstorm this afternoon. Hope you did, too.

Robert said...

Hi Cari
No thunderstorm yet. It started to sprinkle on the busride home, but it pooped out. Maybe later this evening.