Friday, June 29, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday, #4

1. Hard to believe, my son Samuel, is going to turn eleven next week.

(Samuel a couple of years ago)

2. Samuel has an encyclopedic mind. He has voraciously read, over the years, books on mythology from various cultures, magicians, dinosaurs, war, animals, religion, weaponry, knighthood, world records, you name it. And he remembers much of it, in surprising detail.

3. He also has an incredibly facile and flexible imagination, playing and acting out games alone and with his best friend. Usually these games involve improbable wars (he is up to World War XI or XII, I think) somewhat inspired by the game "Call of Duty" which we let him play only sparingly.

4. He and his friend also often act out scenarios involving his society or club called "The Craven Little Cowards" I think this is very loosely based on the "Mysterious Benedict Society" which both my kids love, and which all of us enjoy reading together. We highly recommend the series.

5. Samuel also has had plans to dominate the world with a multinational monolithic corporation called "Jack of All Trades." Even the name is very clever, as he intends to take over all aspects of society, providing products and services that everyone needs, and that no one can refuse!

6. He (like his father) enjoys word play, has a sharp and clever wit, and is developing his sarcasm, which for the most part, is more amusing and mild than cutting. He has yet to develop his father's gift for puns, however, but that is a rare gift, and who knows, maybe it'll come eventually. Sadly, this is not a gift much appreciated by his mother.

7. For the most part, he and his sister, Evangeline, get along very well. They often play together, despite the fact that she's a girl, and about 2 years younger, but I think I see signs that their mutual play is becoming less frequent. It depends on the situation, and the availability of their other friends. I have an ardent hope that, playing together or not, they will always be best friends, and will be loving and supportive to each other throughout their lives. They are both good kids.

Live long and prosper -

(Samuel likes to give me the Vulcan hand signal when he leaves me), and be sure to check out Jennifer's quick takes - and Branfordgirl's - if you haven't already.

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