Friday, June 8, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

1. It has been raining here in Western Massachusetts for days and days. My lawn looks like something from the Amazon basin.

2. On top of it, we have an apparently egg-bound chicken, or something that looks like egg-bound. So, this chicken has been soaked in very warm water (by me) and cuddled in a warm towel (by my wife) for the last few days. One shell-less egg has passed, but that was days ago.

3. At the moment, the sun is weakly shining. According to my wife, as soon as she steps onto the sidewalk to take a walk, it will begin raining. She thinks a rogue dark cloud has it in for her.

4. It was a bit of a mob at my office Thursday morning. All of our employees who carry cellphones were being switched to a new carrier because of a sudden and ongoing depreciation in reception quality. The old carrier was surprisingly unresponsive to complaints. It was a real mystery to me.

5. Ok, now I don't get this. In summertime, usually if it rains (which I would say is 100% humidity) it feels cold. When it stops raining, and the humidity is, say 80-90%, it feels hot and sticky, even if the temperature is about the same.

6. Don't you love the feeling the sheets have when it has been raining or very humid? That almost-wet feeling?

7. I was wondering the other day about the relative sizes of muffins between past and present. I want to go to an antique shop and find old muffin tins and compare them to modern tins, or compare muffin recipes in old cookbooks with recipes in modern cookbooks. I have a feeling that muffins have about doubled in size. What you get in the store bakery, or at Dunkin Donuts is enormous.

Well, that's food for thought! Deep thought. So, go forth and think.


Thomas at Listening for the Shepherd said...

6) Yeah, that's nice.

knowledgehungry said...

#7- I've seen a lot of muffins lately that could be called breads or cakes more precisely. Too much!

Athanasius contra mundum said...

#7 Dinner plates and bowls have also gotten larger. We are definitely eating more than those before us.