Sunday, June 17, 2012

Are There Bad Seeds?

There is a movie, based on a long-running play, based on a successful novel, called The Bad Seed (released in 1956, the year I was born) about a sociopathic little girl named Rhoda.

The premise is that Rhoda is the daughter of a serial killer and inherited her mother's evil tendencies. How likely can this be, a genetic predisposition to murder? If that extreme is possible, then less serious predispositions could be possible too, such as to theft, sexual sin, etc.

I don't believe it, myself, and think that example and environment and education are likelier influences. I do believe that children can be at a moral disadvantage due to background, education, example, and thus, good parenting is so essential in the formation of a child's moral foundation.

The thing is, even with good parenting, a child can go in a bad direction, while with bad parenting, children can become very good, even holy.

This a mystery of grace, while being something of a pat answer. It is worth some thought, especially in the context of parenting, and our own moral choices, as they lead from one to another.

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