Monday, June 11, 2012


We often find ourselves dissatisfied. It is part of the attraction of the internet, seeking something that will fill a void. It was always the same with the mail. How many times over the years have you asked someone, "Has the mail come yet?" or someone asked you that question? There is a niggling little hope that something great will come in the mail. Or something wonderful will come in the email. Or maybe I'll discover a really cool app on a website. Or maybe I'll find the answer to a big question I've had for years on wikipedia (or or whatever.

Hope, I think, is one of the addictive qualities of technology. The next text, the next mobile call, the next website, the next email, the next app, the latest movie, the newest tablet or pc or pda or device will be the thing that will change my life. I'll be happy, I'll be content, I'll make my millions, I'll be able to retire, I'll find a girl friend, I'll renew an old friendship.

And the technology (and the mailman) provide just enough brief satisfaction to make that hope seem plausible, and so we keep logging on, turning on, checking, texting, posting, reading, searching.

It isn't always a trap, but it is always a lure to something far less than what we really need, what we really want. And so the hope is false, and it'll never satisfy.

Something to think about.

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