Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Should we have goals?

Well, on some level, goals may impede inspiration. I mean real inspiration, like vocation, like a genuine call from God to do/be/say something.

But if we are fixated on a goal we have set for ourself, we may not hear the inspiration, or worse, we may not obey it.

Because it may intrude on our goal. In an obvious situation, a man does not become a priest because he is dead-set on his goal to become a high-paid corporate manager. He keeps on brushing off the irritating "feeling" that he ought to give it all up and enter seminary.

There are easily many less obvious, less dramatic examples, daily choices we make, choices we avoid because of goals we have set for ourselves.

"Thy will be done, thy kingdom come."

That ought to be the first goal of every day, every new year, every life, at the head of any list of goals.

Don't get me started on bucket lists!

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