Monday, June 11, 2012

Counting Sheep

I read a quote from Mother Teresa to the effect that we were not created to be counted, but to be loved, and it brought to mind the event in King David's reign wherein he decided he should order a census of his subjects. Then he repented, but the Lord was already angry with him and inflicted a punishment on him. (1 Chronicles 21:ff)

David's sin (in part) was to see his people as parts of his military machine, rather than as subjects to be loved and served. They were part of his "wealth" and his "prestige."

When he repented, he called them sheep, who are not guilty, but he, the shepherd is the guilty one who should be punished. He is guilty of not loving as a servant leader.

His punishment is to have his flock afflicted with pestilence - his "wealth and prestige" are reduced.

How often do we fail to see others as unique persons made in the image of God? And if we are in leadership roles, are we truly servant leaders, or acquirers of "wealth and prestige?"

Something to think about.

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