Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Irresistible urges

Is there such as thing as an irresistible urge? I remember when I was in the Army Band, I had what I "called" an irresistible urge to not show up for my annual weapons qualification. That didn't go over well. There was an episode of Superman in DC comics in which Superman had to travel at light speed in order to rescue an unconscious Supergirl (I think it was this Annual but if I'm wrong and there are any Superman experts out there, be gentle with me)

Anyway, Superman is going so fast that he's about to break the light barrier and enter a dimension that no normal being is allowed to enter, and Spectre appears to stop him. Superman slams into him, but so intent is he to rescue his cousin, that he belligerently slams into Spectre again and again, until he realized, he just ain't going to budge the guy.

Spectre tells our hero that "I cannot be moved unless I will to be moved." And that was a moment of revelation for me.

Our wills are supreme. Even God won't act against our wills. We can, perhaps, be mechanically forced to do something contrary to our will, such has having 14 strong men grab our hands and force us to light a match, and drop it on a pile of our favorite superhero comics soaked with gasoline, but they could never force us to consent to that act.

So, my point, irresistible urges. I don't think there is such a thing. Our will is supreme. At some point, when we do something, we make a choice, we decide to do it, we make an act of the will. Our will may be weakened by habit or by addiction or by a chemical, it may be poorly formed, so as to make wrong choices, but, ultimately, in order to give in to a so-called irresistible urge, we have to give in. We have to give up. We make that choice.

As an example, I seriously doubt that you could ever, without mechanical force or totally altering her mind, force a loving mother to choose to harm her child. That's the essential thing, the choice.

Of course, in Spectre's case, he was capable of not only resisting force against his will, but also the mechanical force of Superman's super strength.

If I remember correctly, Spectre agreed to rescue Supergirl on behalf of Superman. So all ended well.

By his choice.

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