Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Moral Indignation

I was amused this morning reading the reviews of a fiction book dealing with the Battle of Thermopylae. There was a lot of moral indignation at any suggestion that there might be some good in the Spartans. Ooh, they kept slaves! Ooh, they tortured their sons to teach them their idea of manliness.

People need to get a grip. How recently did Americans keep slaves? Are we not killing our young by the millions every year through abortion, for far less noble motives than those of the Spartans? Those that survive, are we not subjecting them to an onslaught of pornography, indolence, obesity, and questionable media that is depriving them of character?

It seems to be an unquestioned reality, for instance, that when the World Cup Soccer series comes to a city, along with it comes a vast trade in sex, involving young women from the "third world" who are tricked, coerced and kidnapped into prostitution.

And we have a right to judge the Spartans?

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