Sunday, June 10, 2012

Saving Time

You know how you set the microwave oven for a certain time, say, 4 minutes, and you take the item out early, say 3:20, but you don't re-set the timer? Next time you use the oven, there's 40 seconds remaining on the display. Now imagine that every day you stop cooking something 40 seconds early, at the end of 10 years, you've accumulated 2,433 minutes, or almost 41 hours, a whole work week.

Now think of all the incidences in which you've said "I don't have time," and all the seconds - minutes, you've frittered away looking for a snack in the refrigerator, or arguing with your spouse, or deleting spam from your email, or watching commercials on TV, or any number of other relatively useless activities. Eliminating just one of those things from your life, could retrieve whole hours, days, weeks, even months that might have been lost from your life.

Now think of eternity, and imagine that any one minute of that wasted time might be enough (the straw on the camel's back) to cause you to lose an eternity of bliss with God in heaven.

Something to think about.

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