Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I read an article about email scams, and forwarding misleading emails; and I read another about a well-known priest who used his prestige and authority to (supposedly) take advantage of a woman who came to him for help. And of course, we all know about computer viruses which are deliberately put out there to infect people's computers, it seems, often, just for the "fun of it."

It is a fact that among a given population, there are always some few who are prepared, whether for malicious reasons, or self-interest, or revenge, or whatever, to do bad things. And some are just stupid. Shall we just chalk it up to human nature, fallen human nature? Maybe.

But the only difference, on the whole, between a virus creator, an email scammer, a headstone vandal, and a priest who seduces gullible or vulnerable women, is the degree of scandal or harm that is caused.

In other words, we all cause greater or lesser harm and scandal, and when we are part of a cause or a group of some sort, the harm will generally increase in proportion to the size and reputation of the cause or group, and our position within it.

Something else to think about.

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