Monday, June 18, 2012

What is a worthwhile life?

Nowadays, there a lot of judgements about lives worth living, and so abortion and euthanasia and the doling out of medical care are used to cull those deemed less worthwhile. This has probably always been done in one way or another, I think we're a bit less honest with ourselves today about what we're doing. This is a vast topic which could go just about anywhere, so I want to look at one small point.

Sometimes we look at a life, even our own, and think we see a pointless life, a wasted life. We can look over the past and see no accomplishments, no successes, at least none persisting, and we can think: utter wasteland.

Yet there is one who gives life, God alone, and only his judgement matters. His criteria? Love, obedience: Love one another as I have loved you and, if you love me, keep my commandments.

That's why, ultimately, it is so much more important to look at the why, and the for whom of what we do.

Dare I say it, even Jesus' life would have been worth nothing if he had not lived and died out of love for, and in obedience to his Father, God.

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