Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What Would Jesus Do?

Jesus did not encounter every possible life-situation while on earth. It is hard to make his actions a concrete model for our own actions. Would Jesus walk or ride a bike? How can we know? There were no bikes at the time. He rode an ass. But would he ride a bike? The ass was to fulfill prophecy. There are no prophecies about bicycles in the bible.

Or is it just a matter of guiding principles? Jesus did and taught this, therefore, that would be wrong.

Jesus warned against the accumulation of wealth. Do non-essentials constitute wealth, and therefore, should they be avoided? If so, then bicycles might be verboten.

He never seemed to be in a hurry, perfectly happy to walk everywhere. Therefore bicycles and super-fast trains might be forbidden.

No, there has to be something deeper within our reasoning. We can't always know what Jesus would do, so perhaps we have to look at our motivations, as he revealed his. Why do I want to ride a bicycle? Why did he choose to ride an ass?

Jesus said his motivation was to "do his Father's will."

Do I ride a bike solely for my own reasons, or because on some level I sincerely perceive it to be the Father's will?

Ultimately, perhaps we have to find the Father's will in everything we choose. If we can't, we may have to work on modifying our intentions.

I suspect it isn't enough to simply change the words, "I'm doing this because ___. " We have to work to change our hearts about what we do and why.

Something to think about.

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