Friday, July 6, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday #5

1. New Publication - as some of you might know (if you've clicked on the link to my other blog, The Cimmerian Journal) I have a kindle book called "Tales From Cimmeria," a collection of my short weird and unusual stories, most of which touch on issues of faith and hope in some strange fashion.

2. Well, now I am working on a collection of my poetry. It will be called "Love and other Tragedies." I haven't decided whether it will be a Kindle book, or a real book or both, but I hope to have it ready in a month or so.

3. Speaking of poetry, my pastor, every now and then, likes to give me odd penances in confession. Twice, I think, he asked me to write Haiku as a penance, something like 50 Haiku on a parrticular spiritual topic. Which I did. I'll have to look for them and post a sample.

4. Speaking of spiritual topics, my 9-year old daughter occasionally writes little poems and prayers. My wife posted a prayer on her blog the other day. Check it out, it's pretty good. It mysteriously appeared on the printer the other day because after setting up our printer on the network for my wife to use, I printed the prayer to test the printer's link.

5. I discovered an odd thing, a form of "art" called Piccinini animal-human hybrids. I am not going to provide a link because it is disturbing. (You are warned.) But apparently, they are photos created by the Artist, a woman named Piccinini, depicting imaginary hybrids of animals and humans. The little that I saw on Google image previews is enough to determine that there is something fairly sick about this. I'm sure it won't be long (if it isn't already happening) when scientists will do this for real, perhaps to produce organs for transplant into humans. It just goes to show that "art," when divorced from a sense of beauty related to the Creator and source of all beauty, can become quite grotesque. I don't know what the artist's point is, but I'm not sure I want to know.

6. This "art" made me think of a film that I thought was by David Lynch, but I couldn't find any information that seemed to be about the film I was thinking of. It was about a woman who "conceived" children on various parts of her body, but the conception, if I understood correctly, was a manifestation of her negative emotions, anger, hatred. You can imagine where that went. I like some of David Lynch's work, but some of it is a little too much.

6. Does anyone else find it troubling that we just cannot celebrate a holiday on the day it falls anymore? We are so fixed on getting a 3 day weekend, that even when a Holiday like July 4th falls in the middle of the week, we have to celebrate it (in this case with fireworks) on the weekend. I yearn for the days of my childhood when we celebrated Lincon's Birthday, and Washington's birthday on the day on which they happened to fall, before we started the more recent practice of celebrating President's day on the nearest Monday. I'm not fond of this.

7. Speaking of July 4th, we will be celebrating it tomorrow (?) with a party/picnic of parishoners, capped off by the local (to that family's home) fireworks. So, while I'd rather this happen on July Fourth, it's nice to have many members of the parish get together like this. Have a good weekend, and don't forget to check Jennifer's and Branfordgirls 7 Quick Takes!

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