Friday, July 13, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday # 6

1. Purgatory, that's the word I'm looking for. To describe the recent weather, not hot as hell, but like on the fringes of hell.

2. Also to describe my browser situation. I love Opera. I find it most pleasant to use, fast, it's just great, except: there are websites out there that don't support it for some reason. So, if I want to use Amazon's cloud reader, Opera won't work. If I want to ship packages for eBay or Paypal, problems. Even blogger, while Opera works, I keep getting the annoying message that Opera isn't supported. This isn't a problem with Opera's functionality. It is a question of support. Sites choose to support Firefox and its derivatives, and Explorer, for the most part, but not Opera, for some reason. It is very annoying.UPDATE: I had once tried Maxthon, which I liked, and since this post, I've tried it again, and it is actually quite good. It is most similar to Opera. Quick, with speed dial, which I like very much. And since it uses a couple of different engines, it is recognized by sites that don't like Opera, even the Amazon reader. It may become my new browser.

3. I find Firefox to be slower, and not as nice to use. Seamonkey is a little better in the usage department, but still slow, maybe sometimes a little slower than Firefox. Chrome has security issues that concern me, but there is a more secure version called Iron, even so, I don't think Amazon cloud reader supports Iron! And I don't like having to use two browsers for different purposes.

4. My son Samuel just got back from his Altar Boy camping trip. It sounds like he had a lot of fun. They opted out of visiting the Baseball Hall of Fame for just plain camping, hiking, fishing, hanging out, and acting out very odd-sounding little skits that seemed to involve a lot of "fake" punching, kicking and hitting. But that's boys for you. Hardly anything they do doesn't involve some form of punching, kicking and hitting.

5. He also discovered the joys of the Arcade! I don't know how much time he spent there (I'll have to check with the fathers who chaperoned.) but it sounds like he sort of thinks the nearest Arcade may be the hours away in upstate NY! I'm not in a hurry to disabuse him of that notion.

6. In the meantime, my daughter has been attended a sort of day camp summer school which she has loved, which includes Mass and a couple of little devotions, play of course, and some lessons. She has really enjoyed it.

7. And Sunday we are going to visit friends who live about 45 minutes away who, among other things, keep bees and harvest honey. I'm looking forward to seeing their place.

Have a great weekend, and don't forget to check out Jennifer's quick takes!


Jeanne said...

I've had that same thought about the weather!

Also, I love honey and (the thought) of bees. I'm actually a bit afraid of bees.

Robert said...

That's interesting Jeanne: I love the THOUGHT of honey, but have not found that I actually like the taste!

Thanks for stopping by!