Friday, July 20, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday, #7

1. I saw this on NewAdvent. This is very cute: How would a Marine attack and take Cinderella's castle?

2. Cool weather in New England, finally. I realize we haven't had it as bad as, say Texas on a cool day, but it's good to be cool again.

3. Our visit to our beekeeping friends went well last Sunday. The husband had to leave for about an hour (he's a volunteer fireman);(a local school had a false fire alarm because some student lit some toilet paper under a sprinkler.)

4. We visited the lamb and the pigs and the chickens, and a lone rooster, but not the bees. I think I heard they were not in a good mood due to the heat. I was going to take pictures, but I forgot the camera.

5. On the way back, we saw a sign for the Institute of the Musical Arts, in little backwoods Goshen. Turns out it is a nonprofit teaching, performing and recording facility dedicated to supporting women and girls in music and music-related business. Very interesting. Judging from all the cars, they must have been having a concert that day.

6. Almost across the street from IMA, is a sort of meditation or have a gathering or just visit and look at the interesting art sort of place called Three Sisters Sanctuary, built by a man who named it for his three daughters. For all my life, there has been this more than life size tin man erected in front of the building. I think at one time, it was a storefront for a wood stove seller, or maybe some kind of contractor, or a junk yard, or all three, I don't know. But now the tin man is part of the art.

7. So, tonight, a priest from Poland, a Missionary of the Holy family, Fr. Boguslaw Jaworowski, is going to give a talk tonight at our parish on "The Family and God's Blessings." He doesn't speak English well, so another local Polish-speaking new priest is going to translate for him. (Of course, this means I had to cancel choir rehearsal, as I have had to for various reasons for something like the last 5 weeks. So hopefully, the talk will be worth while!)

Have a good weekend, and be sure to visit Jennifer's blog.

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