Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Discernment of God's Will

Branfordgirl recently wrote that God honors sincere attempts to discern his will, even if we don't exactly hit upon it. I would add that when we do something other than his will through specious, self-centered, misguided reasoning or impatience, then our own choice may end up becoming a means God uses to correct, heal, punish, prepare, redirect, whatever. In some fashion, God can use our bad will (choice) as a corrective measure in whatever way we need it: to point out faults, to illustrate weaknesses, to encourage virtues, as a means to do penance or make reparation.

So, even if we end up, by our own fault (in some fashion) doing something other than God's will, we can still do God's will be accepting with patience the circumstances in which we have found ourselves, with the trials and blessings, that are the consequences of our choice.

It gives a little hope even in the midst of the consequences of our mistakes.

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