Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Like Children Squatting in the Market Place...

How many chances do we get? How many opportunities will come our way? The old saying goes, "Opportunity only knocks once." Well, it's not true. Opportunities come many times. We just don't see them for what they are. And so, we squander them. We ignore them.

We fight and squabble over windfalls. We fail to use them in justice and charity. We refuse forgiveness; we refuse to forgive and forget. We take what is not ours, we act like little children fighting over some toy, while God's watches sadly, his little gifts wasted, turned into moments of disunity and revenge rather than the acts of love he meant them to be.

This is why people like Mother Teresa and Katie Davis are such important examples for us. They are people who take everything: trials and windfalls, as gifts, precious gifts, not to be fought over, not to be squandered, but as means to extend and continue the Divine love and generosity.

Something to think about.

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