Monday, July 16, 2012

Poems Are Coming

I finished editing my book of poetry on Saturday. I want to add some pictures and a table of contents before I publish it. But if you are interested, here is a sample.

The Titan's Embrace

I stood 'neath the diamond-spattered sky
and deeply breathed the cool fall air;
transported by an exhilaration
awakened by the drama of ordinary beauty.
I thrust my arms to the silent twinkling stars
as if to embrace them all
and draw them deep into my heart.

The wind swirled about me,
a myriad of magic spirits dancing,
prancing, teasing, whispering tempting spells
and I felt myself as full of fire,
imbued with the dynamic, driving force
of enduring, newly 'wakened life.

I stood, a mighty titan, on the earth
and touched the white, frozen flames.
Life leapt like lightning from my fingers
and sprayed the galaxies with brilliant splendor.
My heart seemed afire with greatness and power...

and I opened my eyes once more
and gazed with awed joy and admiration
'pon the mystic silver-dusted dark above.
Silent laughter glittered brightly brittle,
casting ageless crystal messages--
that true and glorious greatness
is always and forever born of the Divine.

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