Friday, July 27, 2012

The Inestimable Value of Married Consecration (7 Quick takes)

1. Let's say you're Catholic, married, (or engaged, or widowed.) Wouldn't it be wonderful to find a Church-approved vowed form consecration just for the married that would add sacred value to all the ordinary actions of your life?

2. On top of it, you use the internet and other forms of media, maybe you're even a Catholic blogger, and you're aware that the bad use of the media far exceeds the good use. Would you like to spiritually support the good and holy use of the media?

3. Family life is busy, challenging, even grueling at times, but full of rewards and blessings. A special form of consecration for the married that doesn't add much to the daily burden but greatly increases the value of your life in the eyes of God would be an incredible blessing.

4. Within the context of this consecration, you would receive monthly materials in the form of a one hour CD, a booklet filled with guidance oriented toward married and family life and the good use of the media, and other materials. And there is a yearly retreat called the Triduum, at which many couples and families of the HFI gather together for prayer, liturgy, teaching, and fun, and to witness the vows of members.

5. Blessed James Alberione,

the founder of the Daughters of Saint Paul and of the Society of Saint Paul, envisioned an associated group of vowed-consecrated married couples who by the ordinary works and prayers of married/family life would lend support to the media work of the Saint Paul Sisters and Fathers.

6. This group is called the Holy Family Institute. It began in 1960, and in 1993, the Institute and its Statute (Rule of Life) was formally approved by the Catholic Church in this decree.

7. Members pray with and for the priests and sisters of the Pauline Family in their work with the media. They are consecrated in their ordinary duties of married/family life, by special forms of the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience which are completely oriented toward married/family life. If this intriques you at all, visit one of the HFI websites, (here too) (and here) or contact our Delegate Superior, Fr. Tom Fogarty.

God bless you! Have a great weekend, and be sure to check Jennifer's Quick Takes!

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