Thursday, July 19, 2012


When a military leader is preparing for battle, he will look for the weaknesses of his enemy, and his strategy will be to exploit the weaknesses that he finds.

When we are striving to accomplish some personal goal, say holiness or weight loss, it is also a good idea to look for our own weaknesses.

So, if someone is trying to lose weight, he ought first to investigate: what, in general, are the biggest contributors to weight gain? And of them, what is he most likely to indulge in? Then he cuts it/them out, one at a time.

If one is aiming for holiness, he has to look carefully at himself, and find his weakest points: manifestations of pride, self-love, impatience, etc. Then he has to work at rooting them out, one at a time, or one group of related weak points at a time.

Just like preparing for a battle.

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