Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Weight Loss

OK, I have lost about 40 pounds in the last 16 months. I did it by eating more fat and less carbohydrates. My only real difficulty has been ice cream, and I think it, and too much protein, were responsible for stalls. So, I reduced the protein to closer to what the charts say my body needs based on height and weight, and instead of eating a pint or more of ice cream once a week or two, several times a week I may eat a half a cup or three quarters of a cup of chocolate ice cream (with sugar, not corn syrup.) My final stall is over and I am 2 pounds from my goal weight.

The thing about the ice cream is this. I finally realized that once a week, or every two weeks, that much sugar is going to take me out of the fat burning mode (ketosis) and it may take 2-3 weeks to get back into it. So, by eating ice cream and going over 50 grams of carbs in one day, I was short-circuiting my weight loss. Keeping the carbs, with ice cream, to under 50 grams a day, apparently keeps me in the mode of using fat as fuel, and I lose the weight.

I was not fat. I was a little overweight and was beginning to feel uncomfortable in my skin. I feel much better now, and I intend to stay within 5 pounds of my goal weight, not less, though, that would be too thin.

Why am I telling you this? Well, because there is a book out that sounds like it may have some useful advice for people out there who are trying to lose weight in a sensible and fairly uncomplicated way. Six Weeks to OMG, Get skinnier than all your friends. He is a trainer who has read a lot of studies and come to some conclusions that are similar to what I've read and put into practice myself. The first review on Amazon is by a physician who was skeptical, but gave it a try and confirmed the research cited, and has lost at least 6 pounds himself.

It's not just diet though. It's life-style. Skipping breakfast, taking cold baths in the morning, drinking black coffee in the morning, watching out for unsuspected carbs in things like broccoli, fruit, and juices. I haven't read it yet, but it sounds very interesting. I may do a review once I've read it. You might want to check it out.

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