Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Winning Is Everything...

Unless I'm really unusual, I think most of us have often gotten into arguments or disagreements or perhaps little competitions with a spouse, a friend, a co-worker, a relative, that begin with small things, minor issues, semantics, phrasing, whatever, which end up consuming a lot of time and effort, and perhaps even turn into full-blown fights that are very destructive to the relationship, whatever it is.

We often don't (allow ourselves to) see these disagreements for what they are. We tell ourselves that we must make our point, that it is important, even essential, crucial. Next thing we know, hours, days even have passed, the disagreement has escalated, someone might even be crying, and often we can barely remember the original point we were fighting for. Damage has been done. Sometimes, irreversible damge.

I recently saw a billboard that read: "Wisdom is the foresight to see the consequences."

We need wisdom to ask ourselves: is winning this little point really important enough to risk the harm, or at least the time lost, that will likely be the consequence of this contest? Sometimes, the pride behind the need to win a point is really stupid, and the humility to give it up is the real wisdom.

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