Friday, August 3, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday, #8

1. I wish there were a Chick-fil-a close by here! Sounds like it's been a great national neighborhood event!

2. Hot muggy weekend ahead. The river is still low, despite a lot of rain here. I guess it hasn't rained much north near the origin of the river.

3. The news was on a couple of times during the bus ride into work. It amazes me what the radio stations actually consider news, what they consider the most important THREE stories they want to tell us over and over every hour.

4. One item the disc jockey was talking about was the new Total Recall movie.

5. And there was discussion of who would prefer to buy watermelons with seeds! Maybe for seed spitting contests. (How about it might be nice to eat a watermelon that hasn't been bred to be something other than what it is?)

6. I saw a flock of sheep laying in the damp fields on the way in. It was very foggy near where I saw them. Damp sheep.

7. Which led me to the though that it might be nice to have one or two sheep in our back yard. I'll have to talk to my wife about it.

Have a great weekend. Be sure to check out Jennifer's quick takes!

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