Monday, August 6, 2012

Goals and Death

Funny thing: About a year and a half ago, I set myself a goal to lose 45 pounds. On Saturday August 4th, I attained to that goal. And I'm pleased. And I can't say I've made this an enormous thing in my life. I have other goals too, such as to be more patient, kinder, more resigned to God's will in my life, etc.

But for some reason, I have begun thinking more of death, in relation to the accomplishment of my goal, in the sense that, it is nothing. I will die. I could die at any moment, or I could die many years from now.

I feel that I eat more rationally now, more in accord with how my body was designed, so even though I usually enjoy what I eat, I rarely eat food that could be considered inimical to good health (and therefore irrational.) I am not often eating food that contributes nothing to health and well-being, or may actually contribute to bad health. This is for me, a stewardship issue. I must not coddle my body, giving in to its every whim and desire, but I also must not harm my body.

So, objectively speaking, I have probably improved my health and extended my life: worthy accomplishments, but not the be-all and end-all of my existence. While this is worthy and good, what matters most is preparation for death and the judgment that will ensue.

God will not be pleased with me (nor will I be) if I have improved my body's health and extended my life by eating properly, while I have neglected other obligations, if I have failed morally, in justice, in charity, in humility, etc.

I am to die. It is good that I have reached my goal. It will be good to sustain my healthier way of eating. But I am to die, and I must not swerve from the goal of living in a morally "healthier" way, in charity, justice, resignation, and humility.

On another note, I have had very few long-term goals in my life, and there are very few short-term goals that I've attained to. I have aimed to repair our washer or drier or automobile at various times, and have succeeded. I have set out to write a novel and have done so. But in terms of long-term fairly important goals, there are few in my life that I have set, and few of those that I have attained. There are many major decisions I have made throughout my life, that I have unfortunately made without carefully discerning God's will.

In an earlier post, I wondered if it is useful to set goals, at least if they do not take into consideration God's will and plan for our lives.

Perhaps my new goal should be to more actively discern God's will and to work more assiduously to fulfill it.

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