Friday, September 14, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

Isadora Duncan

1. Until today, the only things I knew about Isadora Duncan were that she was a dancer and that she died when her scarf got caught in the wheel of the car in which she was riding. today is the anniversary of her death.

2. That's tragic enough. She was only 50.

3. But once you read a little more about her, you see even more tragedy. The fact is, she led a sinful life, she died unexpectedly, she was probably unprepared.

4. Her two children (born out of wedlock with 2 different fathers) were killed when the car they were in rolled into a river when the driver tried to re-start the car without the brake being set.

5. None of us knows when our life will end. It could end at any moment; it might go on for years, yet still end suddenly and without warning.

6. All the "good" that we have or do, beauty, earning wealth, gaining fame, creating art, becoming famous or popular, will avail us nothing. God doesn't care about that stuff. In the end, we ourselves will stand before God and will be ashamed of our sins, our wasted gifts, our wasted time, our distance from the will of God.

7. In the end, if our sins are great enough, if what God considers failure, has been great enough, WE ourselves will acknowledge this and will turn away from God that final time, and will cast ourselves into hell. THAT is the ultimate tragedy.

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