Saturday, June 2, 2012


Does Philippians 4:8 preclude telling the joke about the guy who remembered where he left his bike when he heard the sixth commandment recited? True enough, adultery is no joking matter, but sometimes jokes can be fairly good illustrations of the nature of man. Is this a good enough reason to permit telling such a joke? If not a joke, what about a story, a painting, an opera, a parable?


What does it mean to be a man? For a Christian, the model probably ought to be Christ. Christ defined himself in relation to his Father: "I came to do His will."

Friday, June 1, 2012

More Control

Merging the thoughts on opinion and control, it occurs to me that the real control is self-control, and since most opinions are on relatively unimportant issues, maybe we should more often exercise the self-control of not expressing, and especially not pushing, our opinions. Just my opinion ;)


Everyone has an opinion, and we often press our opinion, often risking friendship, employment, even marriage. Why would we do that? Often the opinion on the table is of very little relative importance. Think of it: we rarely press our "opinion" relating to the salvation of souls, but we will all-out argue about diet, global-warming, or government fiscal policies, not to mention far less important issues such as the best prime-time TV show, or whether or not a certain actor deserved his/her Oscar award. We will remain silent about a neighbor's manifest soul-risking sin, but will have no qualms at all about advising another on the dangers of sugar.

Out of Control

We want to be in control, and a lack of control induces fear. To give over control to another, there must be trust. How can I give control (submit to authority) over myself to another whom I do not trust? Essentially, God asks us to trust him, and submit to his authority. Oddly enough, we will do this with those who are not especially worthy of our trust: doctors, diet book authors, peers, movie actors, etc.

Thursday, May 31, 2012


Obedience today is like a dirty word. It provokes thoughts of control. But we want to control our own lives, our own choices. We don't want a boss, a spouse, a parent, a priest or pope telling us what to do.
We ought to look at the source of authority. Who gives "this or that" man authority over me? "His" authority ought to come from some "one" that we trust, that we have reason to trust, who has an actual right to our obedience, and the right to delegate his authority to another.


Many words are written and spoken these days. Even Twitter and texting with their character limits give way to many words, but how much real thinking is going on? My purpose here will be to think, myself, and to hopefully provoke my readers (if any) to thought, while writing as little, as briefly, as possible.