Friday, August 31, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

1. Well, it's been nutty for the last couple of weeks. Worst, probably, is that the track bar in my family's van broke, and now the van wobbles in the rear end. I'm assuming that it would be safe as long as we don't go too fast over bumps or around corners and stay off the highway.

2. Sunday (due to the urgency of the issue) I spent about 5 hours trying to get the old track bar off, crawling around under the car. One bolt, ONE, mind you, is totally frozen and I cannot get it off! So, I stopped around night fall and resumed work on Monday.

3. So, Monday, I spent the entire day, ENTIRE, chiseling, filing, grinding that bolt, and still have not gotten it off. The nut and the end are cut off, and most of the head are cut off. Tomorrow, I am going to finish grinding off the head, and hope I can then just pull it out of it's slot.

4. So, we've been driving the wobbly van around all week: so far, so good. But, here's the good news, sort-of... back in the day when I was still eating a standard American diet, with lots of carbs, and relying on carbs for my energy, I would have felt totally drained at the end of the day. Now that my primary energy source is fat, I felt tired, but without that drained feeling, without that feeling that my muscles were entirely empty of fuel. I simply felt tired. It was good.

5. Last week we took our two younger kids to the fair, and primarily ate and let them go on unlimited rides. My son and I watched the circus (2 women and two men, one a clown!) and my daughter and wife visited a few animals. It was an astounding outlay of money. What a racket! The place was packed. They must have taken in an incredible amount of money.

6. Starting tonight, I hope, if everyone shows up, I am going to start teaching my church choir the O Magnum Mysterium by Lauridsen, which you can listen to here... It is a beautiful piece. The composer wrote about his thinking behind the piece in this WSJ article.

7. I was particularly touched by his decision to use a dissonance, sung twice in the Alto part, the ONE note in the entire piece that is not of the key of the piece, to represent the suffering of the Blessed Virgin in witnessing the crucifixion of Jesus. Lauridsen said it is the most important note in the entire piece.

And on that note, I bid you adieu. Have a great weekend. Be sure to visit Jennifer's Quick takes, if you haven't already.