Thursday, January 10, 2013

Making Life Worthwhile

Recently, I have had a problem with patience. More recently, this has improved. The change came about via two realizations: 1. It doesn't matter, at least, not as much as, and not in the way that I have tended to think it does. 2. It is about doing God's will, consecrating every thought, action, intention, trial, and blessing to God, dedicating it all to God, doing, receiving, enduring for the love of God. Pride blows things out of proportion. Pride makes everything about me, and when I am thwarted or contradicted or tried in that "state of pride" it becomes way too important. Impatience and anger follow.

But when I humbly turn the focus to God, it is no longer about me, it is about God, who is giving, permitting, ordaining, as the case may be, first of all for his glory, and secondly or thirdly, for the good of my soul. And it may be that someone else is in the line of sequence before me.

Doing God's will, living in love and adoration of God's will is what makes life worthwhile.