Thursday, August 8, 2013

What are we to do?

The world, is too quick to judge, to see things in a bad light, so that even the very best of persons with the very best of motives, with all sweetness and kindness and goodness, is maligned for some reason, as if judgment were a bright light that is designed and destined to bring out into utter clarity the slightest of defects. The internet amplifies this beyond measure. I don't know if I can bear it any more. And yet, the attraction is there, and the apparent utility is there: in email, in articles, in teachings, in Facebook and Twitter and Chat and the like. (Of couse there is the same problem in any media, even old-fashion letters, and in face to face conversations and interactions.) Maybe these things, like any tool, are not intrinsically disordered, but disordered people are using them, and everything used by disordered people ends up being misused and abused to a greater or lesser degree.

I read this:

Cardinal O’Malley said: Some people think that the Holy Father should talk more about abortion. I think he speaks of love and mercy to give people the context for the Church’s teaching on abortion. We oppose abortion, not because we are mean or old-fashioned, but because we love people. And that is what we must show the world. Recently I read about an American relief worker in Africa, who reported on being at a camp for a food-distribution line, it was very chaotic, even scary. He could see that they were running out of food and that these starving people were desperate. At the end of the line, the last person was a little nine-year-old girl. All that was left was one banana. They handed it to her. She peeled the banana and gave half each to her younger brother and sister. Then she licked the banana peel. The relief worker said at that moment he began to believe in God.

We must be better people; we must love all people, even those who advocate abortion. It is only if we love them that we will be able to help them discover the sacredness of the life of an unborn child. Only love and mercy will open hearts that have been hardened by the individualism of our age.

We, (human beings) are unable to communicate. It is rare that any two people are able to convey the complete and unadulterated thoughts and feelings living within their minds and hearts. Only God knows hearts and understands our thoughts. Only God knows the truth. I sometimes think that, when we propose to know the truth about anything, it is a futile endeavor, and it would be better to simply and humbly submit one's self to ignorance and utter reliance on God's knowing all, leaving it to Him.

There are, in the end, two realities that matter: God is all and knows all and is all-powerful, and God is love. So, our primary task is to humbly submit ourselves to his allness and his all powerfulness and his knowledge, and strive to imitate his love. There would seem to be nothing else, really, that we can do.