Monday, February 9, 2015

Doing is not Being

I recently read "A Daughter of the Land" by Gene Stratton-Porter, and I came across this passage, spoken by a new daughter-in-law of her husband's family, particularly his mother:

"...there never should be the amount of work attached to living that there is in that house. It's never ending, it's intolerable. Mrs. Peters just goes until she drops, and then instead of sleeping, she lies awake planning some hard, foolish, unnecessary thing to do next. Maybe she can stand it herself, but I'm tired out."

It struck me, because I think much of modern life is like this. Too many of us are far too busy, and often busy with unnecessary activity. We create a need to do things that ultimately exhausts us, and we starve ourselves of peace, of real happiness, of the joy of a true idleness that isn't texting, surfing, doing, fixing, making, watching. We are an on-the-go people who no longer know how to simply be. Our lives are all about doing.

That being said, I am going to sit and simply be for a while.