Monday, January 9, 2017


How much time do I, WE, spend on items that are actually, mostly, or entirely irrelevant to us?

I find that I read articles that are interesting, but that don't actually concern me.

When I/we complain about not having enough time, can I blame some of this on the reading, browsing, perusing I do, reading, listening to items that, while interesting, have no real applicable value to me?

It may be fascinating to read some public figure's thoughts about some issue that concerns him, but if that issue does not, or will not foresee-ably impact me or anyone close to me, should I invest my time reading the article? There are probably dozens or hundreds of other interesting articles I could read that DO impact me, that would be more worth my time. And there are probably things I should DO that would be a better use of my time than most of the interesting articles out there.

I imagine we can't really analyze this too much, because that can suck up precious time as well, but it might be worthwhile to stop and consider when about to click on a link: do I really need to know this? Is there a more worthwhile way to spend my time?

That's one reason for Briefthink, to briefly say what I think about something so I don't waste much of your or my time!

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